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Monday, March 12, 2012

Stimson Green Mansion

Stimson Green Mansion on Seattle's First Hill presides as one of Seattle's most distinguished residential structures. Designed by Spokane architect Kirtland Cutter and completed in 1901, it is an example of "eclectic architecture", a trend that was popularized by the world's fairs of the late 1800's. The idea was to give you an overview of architectural history as you walked from room to room much like touring fair pavillions. In the case of Stimsom Green, the exterior is English Tudor, the front entry hall has Romanesque arches and decor, the tea room is "empire", a Napolean era throwback to Greek and Roman classicism, and the kitchen... Downton Abbey era industrial. 

The Stimson family lived in the house until 1914 when they moved to the Highlands. A Seattle business man Joshua Green and his wife, Laura purchased it in 1915 and lived there for 60 years. They both passed away in 1975.

The mansion now houses the Washington Trust for Historic Preservation, a foundation committed to helping save historical landmarks. They maintain a most endangered historic properties list and serve as advocates, publicists and grantors for historic preservation projects. 

As hosts of our sketchers' group the foundation's staff were very gracious, allowing us to prowl the corridors of the entire house, find out favorite spots and sketch as we pleased. I found myself attracted to the more practical areas: the kitchen and the second floor bathroom. My companions sketched elegant staircases the Porte Cochere, a Turkish smoking room, spacious bedrooms and the stately exterior

I recommend visiting or better, renting it out for your next big party. You could play a part in preserving one of Seattle's most distinguished historical properties.