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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Under the Viaduct, Seattle

I took last weekend's location literally and located myself UNDER the viaduct.  The sketch below faces west where you can see a peek at what will be panoramic in the near future. 

This scene is on the same street, directly up from Starbucks. It's a juxtaposition of the underworld with it's graffiti wall painting and the upper world up the stairs that lead to first avenue.

 I really liked this sketch location. It had a lot of variety. And what amazing talent in our group!

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Music in the Park - Huntamer

One of the signs of summer is outdoor music. Music blasts, floats, rings, and rises from parks all over the country, maybe even all over the world. Along with music comes the vendors. At Huntamer Parke in Lacey, Washington music in the park plays every Wednesday at noon. The styles range from classical to military to jazz to folk. 

Terry Carr's hot dog truck, Mustard's Last Stand is there reliably every Wednesday hawking hot dogs, chili dogs, chips and drinks. His personality stands out as much as the fire licks on his chevy truck. He saw me sketching and offered me lunch a generous offer for a busker like me. 

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