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March 23, 2019 - 11:00 AM - 4:30 PM

Contact Jane Wingfield at for registration information, space availability, and payment link. 

$50 registration fee
Minimum: 8 participants
Maximum:  12 participants

Do you get hung up on the mechanics of perspective? Often our thinking gets in the way, but once you understand the basics in perspective it’s really just about drawing what you see. In this all-day workshop I’ll share some simple tools to use for believable scenes. We won’t use rulers or triangles, instead just your pen or pencil and some helpful tips. 

Learning Goals
After the class you will
·      Be able to make natural-looking scenes with depth and  dimension- without using rulers or triangles
·      Have some tools and tips creating believable urban scenes.
·      Offer a sense of place to your drawings so viewers can inhabit the space.
·      Know how to establish the basic structure of a scene to make everything fit together
·      Have fun with interior and exterior urban scene.

Workshop Location
Because it’s still March, we’ll start indoors at the Capitol Rotunda – we’ll meet in the main lobby. There are great hallways and arches useful for perspective drawings. In the afternoon I plan to head downtown for some real urban sketching. If it’s too cold or messy, we’ll just stay at the Capitol. Nonetheless dress for weather – layers, windbreakers and maybe even fingerless gloves.

Workshop Schedule
11: 00 – Meet in Lobby – migrate to indoor tables in lunchroom area of 1st floor
Introduction to perspective – the whys and hows – simple exercises
11:30 – interior space one point perspective– demo and excercises
12:15 – exterior space – one point perspective, weather allowing – if bad weather we’ll do more complex one point interior perspective
1:00 – 2:00 – lunch in downtown Olympia - location TBD
2:00– Meet in downtown Olympia weather allowing- exterior space – 2 point perspective - downtown location – There are lots of covered locations. If weather is too bad we'll work on arches
3:15 – putting it all together – interior or exterior space (depending on weather) –1 or 2 point perspective sketch
4:00 – wind up, show and tell, questions

Optional social hour – tea, coffee, wine at Bread Peddler

Supplies list:
Sketchbook of your choice
Pencils –  1 soft lead (4B or higher); 1 harder lead
Pen of your choice – ball point, ultra fine tip sharpie, Pitt pen, micron, fountain pen whatever works for you
Color medium – small watercolor set, markers, colored pencils whatever you like
Optional: sketch stool


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