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"But they're always moving!" Exactly! 

We will use gesture, cross-contour, and context to study the human form. By working from the inside out and the outside in, drawing people becomes more about energy than form, more about seeing than producing. Our aim is not to create technically accurate drawings but satisfying and spontaneous impressions of people. 

Learning Goals
  • Approach drawing the human figure with less trepidation. 
  • Focus on essential lines that identify what a figure is doing -- walking, pointing, stooping, reaching, gesturing, etc. 
  • Express more fluidity and feeling into people-drawings. 
  • Use different approaches in different sketching situations. 
  • Sketch people with more confidence. 
Workshop Plan: 

Hour 1:     Introductions - focus on gesture drawing on location - includes demo and practice 
Hour 2:     Watercolor gestures - drawing individuals and groups of people on location -                              Emphasis on fluidity and form - includes demo and practice. 
Hour 3:     Add context - includes demo, practice and one-on-one instruction
End:        Q&A - throwdown

Supply list:

1.     Cheap paper – I will supply cheap paper - to be used for quick loose throwaway sketching practice. Sketchbooks are too precious for initial exercises.

2.     Very soft graphite pencil - 4B or 6B 

3.     Brush pen with soft brush and permanent black ink (preferably not felt brush or water brush) Example: Pentel-Fude-Brush-Medium, Kuretake Fountain Brush Pen 

4.     Pen of your choice - Sharpie fine tip pens, micron, fountain pen etc. just make sure it doesn’t produce scratchy lines when you draw fast – ink has to flooooow

5.     1 waterbrush – for use with watercolor or Water & watercolor brush

6.     paper towels for dabbing brushes

7.     Watercolor set

8.     Sketchbook or watercolor sheets- about 8x10 (A4)


Jane Wingfield is an artist and urban sketcher in Olympia. She got her start at the Chicago Art Institute Children’s Program and later studied art at the University of Washington, Western Washington State University and Evergreen State College working in oil painting and printmaking. She also studied sumi-e painting in Tokyo. Being an urban sketcher has given her the gumption to come out of the closet, pull out her sketchbook and start sketching just about anywhere.


$50 registration fee
Minimum: 8 participants
Maximum:  12 participants

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