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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Line to Color Workshop - Seattle

Last weekend I was immersed in the art of sketching. I got to Ballard early to warm up with a sketch of the Ballard Livery while the the Norway Day parade band tuned their instruments a few blocks away. After Frank's demo/instruction I went off to sketch McLeod's trying to remember some of the major points. 

The next morning we met in Freemont. 

We studied Lenin and he looked back, unmoved.

After lunch we headed to Gasworks. I've never sketched there so it was a challenge. I did this sketch was just after Gail introduced color focusing on values. 

The next morning we were at Pike Street Market.  Frank shared how he selects a scene, looking for a focus with foreground and objects in a triangle pattern. Here's my two attempts. 

We wound up with a super show of sketchbooks. So many different viewpoints, styles and stories. Great weekend - inspiring, stimulating and fun. Sketch geek's heaven.