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Wednesday, June 20, 2018

30x30 Direct Watercolor - June 2018

I did these works using direct watercolor - no pen or pencil set up. It's a bit daunting to hold the loaded paintbrush above the white paper. But I just have to dive in with beginners mind and what feels a lot like being back in 4th grade.

I started at our farmer's market.

We have a flat fountain in downtown Olympia. Ironically, in this waterfront town, it's one of the few public places to access water in warm weather. 

Back to the farmer's market where this mother shared lunch with her children.

Watching people at Seattle Center.

The State Capitol. 

I did a preliminare sketch for this one to determine values. 

From a photo of New Mexican.

Golden wheat fields in the hills above Walla Walla. From a photo. 

On location the spring green hills outside of Walla Walla.

Quick sketch in the garden at Chandler Reach Winery outside Richland WA. Vivalia colors. 

Six-stroke people. Thanks to Michele Cooper. 

After Paul Klee. An easy out for the day.

Garden on Cascadia Street, Mt Baker, Seattle, WA.

More six-stroke people.

I love Wolf Kahn's vibrant colors in his pastels and oil paintings. Thought I'd try out a bit of vibrant, complimentary colors. From imagination. 

Mioposto Restaurant from Mt. Baker Park, Seattle.