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Batdorf and Bronson - December 4, 2013 - January 4, 2014

Music at the Port:

Music at Sylvester Park:

Downtown Olympia:

Tango dancing at the fountain:

Olympia Farmers Market:

Tacoma Concert Band:

Tullys Coffee former headquarters:

Hong Kong Alley:

Hong Kong Market: 

Keahakapu Beach, Maui Hawaii:

Urban Kayaks at Percival Landing:
Olga Harbor, San Juan Islands: 

Farmer's Market:

Capitol Campus Symphony Concert:

Farmer's market conga player:

Rite of Spring - Percival Landing - Olympia: 

Procession of the Species:

Procession of the Species: 

Hometown Bar-B-Que, Brooklyn, NY:

Sunny's Bar, Red Hook, Brooklyn, NY:

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