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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Bainbridge to Pike Street

I started early Sunday morning on Bainbridge Island at the tail end of a vacation. I hit Pegasus Coffee shop just after 7:00 am and by chance met a group of old salts who meet there every morning. They invited me to join their conversation (because I happened to be sitting in their group spot at the shop). One of them was just off the boat having sailed from Hong Kong then met up with another of the group in Hawaii to sail home. After I left and sketched the scene next door -- a take off on one of Frank Ching's sketches -- to learn the art of composition. Learn from the masters. 

I took the ferry over to the Market to meet up with the afternoon post-sketch workshop group. Tried my hand at Post Alley again. 

It was a full day of sketching and I still have a little more color to add to one more and scan another. I love full days of sketching in such great weather and interesting locations.

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