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Sunday, August 3, 2014

Elections have begun! Olympia's Plinth Project on Percival Landing

The 2014 People's Prize competition began Friday July 25 and continues through August 31st. You can vote for one of the sculptures displayed on the plinths of Percival Landing. The city will purchase the sculpture with the most votes and place it in a different location as part of the city's public art collection.   

Plinths in architectural terminology, are pedestals upon which columns, statues, monument or structure stands. The City of Olympia has placed several plinths on Percival Landing providing a base for sculptures and performers. Take a walk along the landing, get a ballot and add your voice to the city's public art collection. And don't forget the plinth at the eastern end of Yashiro bridge, next to Bayview Thriftway. 

I've sketched a sampling below: 

OPENING (Ring Dance #9)by Don Freas
Steel and Cast Iron
Olympia Avenue Plaza

Figure in Motionby Hugh Buchholz
North of Harbor House

Vertebra: Ocean Verde
by Dave Haslett
Stone: NW Olivine (Mt Baker) and Basalt (Moses Lake)

State Street Pavilion

Basin of Quenched Fire
by Bil Fleming
Reclaimed Sea Buoy and Tractor Cog
Water Street and 4th Avenue


  1. Nice sketches, Jane. This is a cool event! I'd never heard of this. I guess I need to spend more time in Olympia!

    - Tina

    1. Thanks, Tina! Yes we have some interesting things going on down here.

  2. Beautiful sketches Jane! Your work is such a contribution to our community. Thank you for sharing them!