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Saturday, May 21, 2016

Mother's Day Part 1

I had stopped at Wright Park in Tacoma on one of our unseasonably warm and sunny Sundays we had during April this year. I chose the park because of the classic WW Seymour Botanical Conservatory built in 1907. I wanted to contribute to Sketch Out/Loud, a month-long celebration of landscape architecture organized by Urban Sketcher and New York landscape designer, Richard Alomar to promote on location sketching as a way to observe and document the landscape. 

While I was researching the conservatory I learned that they hold concerts on the second Sunday of every month. So....

Mother's Day happened to be the second Sunday of May. On the way to meet my own mom we stopped at the conservatory and listened to a lovely concert by Gina Belliveau, an acoustic singer/songwriter. 

 We got to sit about 3 feet away from her as she serenaded us. 

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  1. Beautiful artwork of a wonderful place. I am grateful it is in my neighborhood! Good reminder to go visit again soon :-). I didn't know about monthly concerts, I'll have to check one out.