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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Mother's Day Part 2-Emerald Downs

The track seemed to me a bit odd as a place to spend Mothers' Day, but my ninety-seven year old mom seemed excited to go, as much from nostalgia as anything else. She and my dad used to go to the tracks occasionally and it was, after all the day after the Kentucky Derby. It turned out not an odd choice at all for the thousands who showed up. 

Emerald Downs opened just twenty years ago in June of 1996. It's predecessor, Longacres, had been the longest continually operated track on the west coast. The Muckelshoot Indian tribe bought the land , then the building and facilities in 2015. 


The Kentucky Derby had been the day before anomy brother thought "Hangover Day" would be relatively empty. Wrong. It's one of the most popular days of the year, and despite the weather being cool and cloudy, moms were in abundance.

The picnic tables near the paddock and right next to the track are a fun way for families to enjoy the horses and save a little cash for betting. 

I got a chance to chat with Dan Harrington, the track bugler, a classy dude dressed in navy blue tails, black leather riding boots and top hat. When asked how he came by his position, "Well, I'm just a  trumpeter." His 15 year pin hinted of a different story. 

Winnings of the day: $1.60 (minus my entry fee), but way ahead with a fun experience. 


  1. Awesome Jane! I was sorry to miss it but now feel like I was there ;-)

  2. Great horses and people -- both very challenging subjects!