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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Brooklyn Bridge . . .

I've always wanted to get a sketch view of the Brooklyn Bridge. It's tricky to get a good angle. Buildings and trees block the view. Streets are at the wrong angle. Finally after roaming and cite-biking in the neighborhood, I landed at the park right under the bridge -- who would have guessed--Brooklyn Bridge Park! I worked up some thumbnails to get a feel for the perspective and spacing. 

Different mediums: water soluble, brush and water color

3" x 4"

Brooklyn Bridge opened in 1883 after about 20 years of planning and construction. Story has it that the city partially financed the construction by renting space in the underground vaults in the Manhattan side tower. The vaults maintained an even 60 degrees year-round so it was used to store wine. It was dubbed the "Blue Grotto" because of a statue of the Virgin Mary near the entrance. 

Finally found my spot a few hundred feet from the base of the Brooklyn-side bridge tower. 

Stage 1

Stage 2

Now I'm sort of into bridges. 

the Queensborough bridge from 60th and 1st in Manhattan